Build A Mural - Kids' Themes

Do you have blank walls that need an artistic transformation? Create a dramatic environment with our Build A Mural Kids' Themes that bring your walls to life. The combination of simple painted backgrounds and the youthful decals that span across the length of your walls, brings a childlike sense of wonder to anyone who enters the room. The only limit is your imagination.

Step 1: Choose a theme

Choose from the 10 fun themes below. Build an environment above the clouds or below the sea that will entertain the imagination of boys, girls, and adults.

Blue Sky Deep Sea Board Walk Story Book Outdoor Garden Little Street Toon Ville Color Corner Outer Space Race Track

Step 2: Choose a background

Each theme has a handful of backgrounds to choose from. The background you choose will be painted onto your designated wall(s), so choose a graphic you feel comfortable recreating or hire a local painter to produce it for you. Below are a few example backgrounds.

Little Stree Background Deep Sea Background Outer Space Background Story Book Background

Step 3: Choose your decals

Deck your walls with decals. Decals are fitted onto 4 by 8 foot sticker sheets. The larger your space is to fill, the more decal sheets you will want to buy from your corresponding theme of choice. Below are a few example decal sheets from the Outer Space and Deep Sea themes.

Outer Space Decals Deep Sea Decals

Step 4: Put it all together

And now for the fun part. After you've painted your simple background and chosen your themed decals, you will creatively place each decal to fill your entire wall. Remember, Build A Mural is not just art, it's an environment.

Outer Space Mural

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